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RE: How to reduce first byte time - leandros21 - 02-20-2015 05:55 AM

Hello, firstly i would like to thank you in public pmeenan for his help and i am sure that is the best on this field.

I have the same issue and my problem was doubled but i reduced by adding expires header.
But still, it's not 100% fast and less than 2s.

My problem now is:
Am running a forex website on Wordpress on a VPS or dedicated server, i have half plugins regarding the previous site, so i tried it on test server i have the same site to deactivate the plugins and the result was that the first time byte was B(almost without any plugin activated), but all plugins are required and vital for the side.

What do you suggest to me? Is there something i can do? I must talk with server support? The server is in USA but i don't have any us customer but even i am using CDN.
Really am very confused, so i need somebody who is expert on that field

RE: How to reduce first byte time - GreenGecko - 02-24-2015 07:05 AM

Additional things you can try:

1. Move the server to be as close as possible to your target audience ( and use a decent VPS provider: there is a huge variation! ).
2. Enable all available caching. Apart from Wordpress plugins like W3-Cache, this includes Opcode cache ( APC or Zend if on PHP 5.5 ) and all relevant database caches. THe intention is to be able to feed the website from memory and avoid disk when possible... always slow, but often really, really slow on VPSes
3. Ensure latest WordPress, PHP, and if seriously after every millisecond look at using Percona Mysql 5.6.
4. Replace Apache with a lighweight web server like nginx

After that it gets more difficult. A code review is always good: as you've seen not all plugins are created equal. Also, the pagespeed web server plugin from google can help patch over poor quality code, but it does further complicate site maintenance.