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Orphaned AWS Instances - pherris - 02-13-2015 02:04 AM

Looks like there was a bug earlier this month causing browser agents on EC2 to become orphaned. I'm wondering if this was fixed with this commit: https://github.com/WPO-Foundation/webpagetest/commit/111ea78dbe1582319966ab32efc2f7dceeae86ea ? The problem seems isolated to un-tagged instances that don't come up properly.

Screen shots for both IE7 and IE11 amis

[Image: Screen_Shot_2015-02-11_at_3.29.20_PM.png]
[Image: Screen_Shot_2015-02-11_at_3.30.46_PM.png]

RE: Orphaned AWS Instances - pmeenan - 02-13-2015 02:37 AM

It should have been fixed with that commit though if you are running the server AMI it should have picked up that commit within an hour of it landing and terminated the instances. Are you seeing the instances still orphaned even with the latest code?

RE: Orphaned AWS Instances - pherris - 02-14-2015 04:41 AM

Thanks Patrick - it seemed to be isolated to just a few days and has not presented itself again. - appreciate it!