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Running benchmarks - stydentsa - 11-24-2015 12:36 AM


would like to clarify few things about the tests benchmarks. Please, confirm if the three points are true:

1. Benchmarks are triggered only by the cron.php
2. If a benchmark has a configuration for three locations - three different queues, and is submitted for all of them (the queues have entries for the benchmark), the benchmark is in status running. It is in status running even if at least one queue has an entry for it
3. Unless a benchmark is not in any queue, it can be submitted


RE: Running benchmarks - pmeenan - 11-24-2015 12:43 AM

Yes (to all 3 points)

RE: Running benchmarks - stydentsa - 11-24-2015 12:58 AM

(11-24-2015 12:43 AM)pmeenan Wrote:  Yes (to all 3 points)

Thanks Patrick!