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V8 parse/eval time for bulk testing - addyosmani - 11-24-2016 11:51 AM

I'm trying to run a bulk test and am wondering if there's a way to see the V8 parse/eval time for results in the "Aggregate Statistics" report (or similar).

Here's a sample run - I couldn't find script timing in the output formats at the bottom:

I do know that:

1. It's possible to see v8.compile and EvaluateScript times in individual reports
2. https://www.webpagetest.org/jsonResult.php?test=[REPORT_ID] includes overall script timings for an individual URL's run
3. https://webpagetest.org/getgzip.php?test=[REPORT_ID]&file=1_script_timing.json can give you per script file V8 timings if you request them individually (again for a single URL)

But it's unclear if there's a way to get script timings (overall and/or individual) for bulk test results without writing something custom. Does anyone know?

RE: V8 parse/eval time for bulk testing - pmeenan - 11-26-2016 05:06 AM

Just added them to the csv downloads so they should be there now.