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scripting, button click not working - S9S - 10-09-2017 02:05 AM


I am trying to test page navigation using form submit, here is my html block for button selection
<form class="pre-form" name="pre-form"><input placeholder="e.g. organic chef, app developer"><button><svg><use xlink:href="/resources/img/sprites/base.svg#arrow"></use></svg></button><svg><use xlink:href="/resources/img/sprites/base.svg#search"></use></svg><h6>Search for a .com now</h6></form>

logData 1
// bring up the login screen
navigate https://qa-test-smsi.com/

logData 1
setValue name=search vpntest
submitForm className=pre-form

the above script not working, How can I submit the form with click.

any suggestions?