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Browser reviews - darrensmits - 11-25-2009 08:18 PM

A thread to express your feeling on all the Web Browsers out there and to list the ones you use/have used!

I've used:
Firefox 2.00
Firefox Gran Paradiso
Sea Monkey
Slim Browser
Safari for Windows
all versions of IE above IE4
(I actually still use most of these)

RE: Browser reviews - wasimasif - 01-26-2010 01:23 AM

I've used following
Firefox 2.00: Batter than IE 5, tabs feature was good
IE6: Seems good to me
IE7: Tabs introduced but it was not mature.
Avant: very nice provided tabs and other features based on IE. I was using it before switching FF killed it.
Opera: nice interface not used much, just for testing but its good.
Safari for Windows: simple and nice