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Latency 0ms Consideration
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Latency 0ms Consideration
03-18-2013, 11:06 AM
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Latency 0ms Consideration
I've configured locations in my private instance with 0ms latency, because I want the natural geographical distance of the agents to hold the latency.

Is this silly?

In another scenario, different private instance, I have nearby agents only. Wanting to simulate loading a page from India, I selected did a custom option of 1000 kbps, 150ms latency. Problem is, some of the objects on the tested page are loaded from a global CDN, Akamai. By injecting 150ms latency, I'm forcing that true on all objects. The objects loaded from Akamai won't have 150ms of latency.

I found it better, in this case, to use public webpagetest, using the India node, with custom setting of 0ms latency. This way, the objects getting loaded from the US are subject to natural latency, and Akamai objects aren't subject to any unnatural latency.

Is it possible to make the dummynet driver apply different latency to different hosts? For example, would be cool if there was a Scripted command like:

hostLatency example.tld 100

Then I could do webpagetests in the lab and simulate the right amount of latency for each host and get a better idea of what the page would really load like in this dynamic scenario.
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