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Test Results not looking good. Need some help please.
11-26-2013, 01:21 AM (This post was last modified: 11-26-2013 01:27 AM by robzilla.)
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RE: Test Results not looking good. Need some help please.
Looks like noone spent any time on optimizing the web server, and your developer didn't think to optimize any of the images used.

They very first thing I would do is enable gzip compression of your HTML, CSS and Javascript files. It looks like you're on your own server with Apache and cPanel, so you can probably use these instructions:

Also enable keep-alive from within Apache, so that connections can be reused between HTTP requests, and set expiration headers for static resources (images, stylesheets and such) that don't change often. Your developer ought to be able to assist you with this. I would also stress to them that your images aren't optimized; image compression is a simple trick that can significantly reduce bytes transferred, without visible loss of quality. According to your WPT results, you can save up to 1.2 MB, which is quite worth it.

As for the slow database searches and long Time to First Byte (even on the initial 302 redirect to www.), that's something on the backend, and we can only guess what the cause may be. Usually it's a poorly set up web server, a poorly programmed website, or (worse) both. In short, I would agree that you need to talk to the company that built your site :-)

Ironically, your developer's website has many similar performance issues:
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