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Test Results not looking good. Need some help please.
11-26-2013, 01:51 PM
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RE: Test Results not looking good. Need some help please.
Was this site written from scratch? If so, then you've got the added complication of no knowing the code quality, and a lack of free bespoke performance enhancements ( eg WordPress W3 Total Cache, Magento lesti::fpc ).

First, it's taking 2 seconds to redirect from carcoverworld to This should be instantanious, so fixing that will be an instant win.

To address the (now) 1 second TTFB...

You do have things that can be tuned: MySQL, Apache and PHP. MySQL needs feeding loads of memory in relevant places: there's a script called ( many thanks to Matthew Montgomery ) which will provide you with a good starting point for that.

Apache's been dealt with to some extent ( keepalive, mod-compress, etc ). I must admit to being a bit rusty with it, as I find nginx to be a faster, lighter and just plain simpler to work with.

With PHP there are two ways you can improve performance: use an opcode cacher, and feed it lots of memory, and run in FPM mode. The eAccelerator opcode cacher seems to work best with apache, and APC ( the later version built via PECL ) for PHP-FPM.

You'll possibly also gain from a varnish server in front of your site, so it can deliver as much content as possible directly from it's local storage. However, configuring it correctly is not a trivial task.

For the rest of the content, A CDN will perform 2 things: first it'll deliver faster than your (shared) 100Mbit/s internet connection, and second, it'll remove the load off the server network interface - 100Mbit = 12.5MBytes/sec, which can get swamped fairly easily with a heavy graphics site. In addition, the use of sprites will reduce the number of files necessary to build a site, and so also aid performance.

As a shortcut it may be worth playing around with Google's mod_pagespeed plugin, as it has the ability to post-process your site into a more efficient form, including autogenerating sprites, resampling images and so on.

Also, look at image compression, but don't go wild about it at the moment. is probably more relevant to your site - better, but... no cigar (:

If you need a hand let me know... Here's my site ( totally irrelevant but looks good! )
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