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Test Results not looking good. Need some help please.
12-03-2013, 11:08 AM (This post was last modified: 12-04-2013 03:10 AM by pmeenan.)
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RE: Test Results not looking good. Need some help please.
Your host, Softlayer in Dallas is fine. There are a lot worse, like GoDaddy.

I have had a few sites hosted on Softlayer a few years ago and they were OK. Better than a VDS on GoDaddy.

The huge issues are the 2 second Redirect and the interleaving of CSS causing a a very long time to Start Render and First Paint. The JS could also be causing a rendering re-start.

All CSS must be at the top of the <HEAD> right after the </TITLE>

BIG ISSUE: Move the <STYLE> CSS out of the <HTML> and into the <HEAD>!!

This is a likely reason for your slow Start Render Time because the <STYLE> is not scoped. One is inside a <DIV>, this is wrong. Just put it in the <HEAD>

No JS should be loaded before all CSS. If a JS script loads CSS then add a CSS link for the same file.

There are various reasons for using redirects, none of them are legitimate.

If you are using open source and or plug-ins they may be hi-jacking your visitors.

What is happening is somewhere in early the PHP code a PHP script is running and when the script is done, 2 seconds later your home page is loaded by using the redirect.

Somewhere in the PHP there will likely be a header statement like:

header('Location:, true, 301);

or may look like

header('Location: . _SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], true, 301);

If you want me to take a look and find out what is going on I'll do that for you out of professional curiosity.

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