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Test Results not looking good. Need some help please.
12-06-2013, 02:38 PM
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RE: Test Results not looking good. Need some help please.
I have not used WMT or Analytics in over a year. I deleted all my Google accounts due to Google's Privacy Policies. At that time I did also have Analytics on the sites I was monitoring in WMT. I am getting old and have noticed some decline in my memory in the past few years. I can visualize the WMT window in my mind today with a column of numbers with a percentage. When I saw your message with CTR I began to have doubts on the accuracy of my statement. I just now reviewed the data for 3 sites I was monitoring ranking for 30 search terms. Dates on the data collected ended from 2004 to 10/30/2011. Over two years is a long time for my dilapidated mind. There were many sources for the data, I wrote my own "stat counter", used AwStats, WMT, Analytics, Web Position Gold, and etc. I NEVER paid any attention to the online SEO Experts. I have had many domains going back to Feb 1996. I was always able to get my target terms to #1 ranking on all major search engines. The term "caller id" I ranked #1 on every search engine since the Alta Vista days whenever that was maybe like 1998?. The reason I remember the bounce and rank correlation was because I wrote two bot apps to test a search term. Both were timed to randomly mimic the click through times of a human. One would bounce the other would click through to multiple pages. I figured I would need about 100 IP addresses to build 100 profiles with a history with Google. The weak link was trying to emulate the Browsers javaScript in PHP. The 100 IP address for the profiles would cost about $500 / month. I'm sure Google knows all the IP addresses of the free IP proxy services which are filtered from their ranking stats. I created an algorithm to detect users with multiple accounts I create a hash for all accounts from the user's IP, user agent vs. javaScript command profiling, screen size, and OS. I assume Google had to do something similar especially when there are so many users sharing IP addresses. That's why I said it would not be that easy to ruin a competitors ranking. If I had not seen a clear correlation between bounce and rank I would not have spent the time to create the bots.
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