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Improve First byte time - Wordpress -
02-21-2014, 11:26 PM
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RE: Improve First byte time - Wordpress -
What I think is happening is this, you go to the site and then apache/php (starts) loads/compiles the site. The .htaccess is read and a re-direct is applied (or did you redirect from within wordpres?. I don't know/use wordpress or possible plugins. If it is in wordpress, you could also use parts of the info below.)

Then the browser does a new DNS lookup for and apache loads the website again (compiling)

Depending on how much control you have over the server/site you could seperate and to different folders, where is empty / no wordpress and in the .htaccess you specify redirect permanent / This would prevent PHP compiling all PHP pages.

This is something I did not test, it's theoretical. This only affects users that use the URL but at least it should cut the time in half.

From what I have seen is that the page is ok when it's initially loaded due to some caching. The main thing to speed-up would be to check if the hoster can setup something like Opcache or xcache or Zend-optimizer.

This keeps the PHP pages compiled instead of compiling each page upon request. This does not effect the output of the page, it's mererly that the php code is compiled into server readable language for processing. When you update a php file, it will be newly compiled / cached with programs like Opcache / xcache etc.
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