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RTT vs. Dummynet Traffic throttling
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RTT vs. Dummynet Traffic throttling
04-10-2015, 01:21 AM
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RTT vs. Dummynet Traffic throttling

I would like to get a better understanding of how the traffic traffic RTT setting works and what I need to consider during my analyzes.

AFAIK does use the dummynet solution to
a) shape the bw and
b) the delay option to influence the RTT.

Therefore I have to believe that the RTT mentioned inside the connectivity.ini files for the different connections is something I need to consider to add on top of the additional network traffic latency introduced by the real network and all kind of other included devices right?

If this is right I would need to calculate the real RTT as follow:
real RTT = RTT - delay.
A good way to measure the RTT is to use a tcp dump and lookup the initial tcp handshake.
If i do so for the russia/moscow agent with the Connection "DSL RTT=50ms" i do get the following values:
49ms = 96ms - 50ms

I did test ( from the Moscow Agent ( which does show an RTT via the Traceroute of 44ms.

This fits very well into my assumption, still i wanted to ask if this is the correct way of thinking.

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