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Mapping Agents to multiple locations
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Mapping Agents to multiple locations
02-15-2017, 06:42 AM
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Mapping Agents to multiple locations

I'm trying to see if its possible to map an agent to more than a single location. For example, there would be a main pool that includes all agents, and another pool which would include a subset that includes agents from specific host that runs those VMs running the agents.
The end goal is to be able to run a test on the main pool that will run on all agents, and also be able to run a test on the subset pool which would obviously only run on those agents.

I've found a hacky way to do it by renaming all the agents from one host to the same name and using the tester param, but this is less than ideal as you lose the ability to run on a specific tester.
I've also tried using the "browser" to map to a set of agents, i.e. IE_OnHost1, IE_OnHost2. While this allows me to run tests on those custom browsers, when I try to run a test on simply IE, which is defined on both browser specific configs, only agents on config run the tests. It will not run the tests on all agents that support IE. By the way, all of this is with shard_tests = 1.

This seems like it should be possible, just judging from the testers on the public instance which seem to include the same agents on multiple locations, for example Dulles_MotoG and Dedicated_MotoG seem to contain the same agent. I guess it could also be a coincidence that the pc name and the ip are both the same.
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