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Sitecore Platform Benchmarking
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Sitecore Platform Benchmarking
06-27-2018, 03:10 AM (This post was last modified: 06-28-2018 04:07 AM by griffex.)
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Question Sitecore Platform Benchmarking
Hello folks,

I've been doing some extensive testing on my firm's domain, and am trying to get a better sense of whether the data I'm getting is common for my platform.

We're on Sitecore (v8 i believe), and I'm noticing fairly long TTFB on many requests (as much a 4.5s for international, but even 1.5s domestic). Is this common in sitecore applications? I'm not sure if our app pool/and config is just poorly optimized for speed (we do have lots of custom components and rules), or is this still highly unusual?

Some details:
Transfer times are lightning fast once the assets are sent, and the TTFB seem to correlate more towards the order things are pulled rather than specific assets or size. I'm noticing some degradation, where early request are running about 100-400ms, then hitting a point where they start taking much longer (though usually 1-2 requests end up shorter). My running guess is this comes from a bottelneck in multiplexing on the HTTP2 connection, as it seems to start degrade for every 5th-6th asset pulled through the connection.

I'm still not 100% that's a good analysis though, and even if it is, is there a solve for that? Seems like we'd be able to stand a second, cookieless CD server/domain to provide another open connection, but that could be expensive especially getting it into our CDN. I'm also considering trying to combine images and position through CSS , though that's going to be unpopular with the devs.

I've also struggled to find optimization guides on how sitecore process inbound requests. If anyone has a good resource, I'd love to dig in.
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