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Need a Help for Autoscaling Agent on Private WPT Server
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Need a Help for Autoscaling Agent on Private WPT Server
08-16-2020, 10:59 PM (This post was last modified: 08-16-2020 11:01 PM by ankitjain082.)
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Need a Help for Autoscaling Agent on Private WPT Server

I want to run more than 300 test on private WPT so created a server with using "webpagetest-server-2014-11-25 (ami-fcfd6194)" AMI on AWS but not able to Auto scale Agent. I am sharing my settings.ini file details here

When I started server then it initiated single Agent only but I want to initiate agent for all location which I mentioned in settings.ini file so that will get result within 10 hours currently it's taking more that 15 hours.

Could anyone help me on this.

settings.ini ::

; **************
; UI Integration
; **************
; Comment out the publishTo if you do not want to be able to upload your
; results to the public instance (this is useful for sharing internal tests
; with external users)
;Uncomment map=1 if you want to enable the map-based picker
; Integrate with cloudshark
; *********************
; Test options/defaults
; *********************
; Run tests concurrently across test machines
; Maximum number of runs allowed per test
; Allow (1) or disable (0) testing of sites on private IP addresses (http:// for example).
; image quality (defaults to 30)
;save png full-resolution screen shots
; *************
; Server Config
; *************
; disable gzip compressing the result text files
;Log tests that take longer than X seconds
; beanstalkd memory queue for tests (only the default 11300 port is supported
right now)
; Automatically update from git hourly.
; (assumes a git clone and just runs "git pull origin master" as the web user).
; Automatically update test agents hourly (pulls the latest test agents from the
provided server)
; ***********************
; Test result integration
; ***********************
;tsview time-series database
; Serialize the test results to a log file in JSON format for
; bulk logs processing (splunk, logster, flume, etc).
; The directories must already exist and have permissions set so the web server
; user can write to it.
; logTestResults - file for the page-level data to be logged
; logTestRequests - file for the per-request data (each request for every test
will be logged as a separate record)
; logPrivateTests - Set to 0 to disable logging of tests marked private (defaults
to logging all tests)
; showslow (beacon rate is a percent of results to allow for sampling)
;showslow_key=<your showslow API key>
; **************
; Test Archiving
; **************
; archiving to local storage - directory to archive test files (must include trailing
; archiving to s3 (using the s3 protocol, not necessarily just s3)
;archive_s3_key=<access key>
;Number of days to keep tests locally before archiving
; *************
; EC2 Instances
; *************
; Should we automatically delete any EBS volumes marked as "available"?
; This can be used to prevent orphaned volumes but only if the account
; doesn't expect to keep offline EBS volumes.
#This will create one new test agent for every 5 tests queued
# *up to the location max*:
# The default max per location is 1, so you need to override it per
# location to enable scale out:
;Settings from user data
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