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Private Instance configuration
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Private Instance configuration
01-28-2013, 01:47 AM
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Private Instance configuration
Hi guys, I've been trying to get a selt hosted system setup but I'm sorta struggling to figure out where I've gone wrong..

My layout is this:

a central web server, Centos x64, apache mods+php all working...
the webserver only allows http and https on egress.

lets call this, I fixed permissions per documentation and have disabled selinux.
It has a public IP and I double checked its egress matches inbound.

its locations.ini looks like this:


label=Test Location

label=" - Dulles, VA"

browser=IE 8
label="Ireland (amazon) - IE 8"

browser=IE 8
label=" Dulles, VA - IE8"
relayKey=<your API key>

I have then setup one of the AMI instances with what I think is the the correct user data :
IE8 - ami-00b18074 : wpt-ireland/ie8-20110703.manifest.xml

user-data used on above ami: wpt_location=Ireland wpt_key=ZZZ

That being said there doesn't apear to be much documentation on the firewall rules an ec2 instance should have, I've assumed it needs RDP and http+https inbound so thats all I has currently (and ping for now).

So at this point... does this look correct? I have checked the /install URL and it now reports that its not in communication with the remote:

Quote:WebPagetest Installation Check

PHP version at least 5.3: 5.3.3
GD Module Installed: yes
zip Module Installed: yes
zlib Module Installed: yes
curl Module Installed: yes
php.ini upload_max_filesize > 10MB: 20M
php.ini post_max_size > 10MB: 16M

Filesystem Permissions

{docroot}/tmp writable: yes
{docroot}/results writable: yes
{docroot}/work/jobs writable: yes
{docroot}/work/video writable: yes
{docroot}/logs writable: yes

Test Locations

No test agents are configured to render video

Ireland : Test Location
IE : Ireland (amazon) - IE 8 - No Agents Connected
Public_Dulles : - Dulles, VA
WPT_Dulles_IE8 : Dulles, VA - IE8 - No Agents Connected

What confuses me is that its saying its not connected to an agent but if I check the apache log I see:

Quote:54.228.XXX.YYY - - [27/Jan/2013:15:11:49 +0000] "GET /work/getwork.php?video=1&location=Ireland&key=ZZZ&ec2=i-bcdc27f6&pc=PAGEST-IE8&ver=342&freedisk=6.842&ie=8.0.6001.18702 HTTP/1"

XXX.YYY = the /16 on the amazon instance modified for privacy
ZZZ same key as in the other ZZZ's above.

I'm hoping I've just done something really silly here as I've followed the instructions as best I could. Would love to write a propper howto once I figure out where I've gone wrong.

Obviously if you need more info just ask, Thanks very much!
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