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Help me to Analyse the Performance and get to the Root cause
05-07-2014, 03:01 AM
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RE: Help me to Analyse the Performance and get to the Root cause
So... You want nearly 2 MEGABYTES of information to properly render and display on browsers in what? Less then 4 seconds? How fast do you think this fat page should load?

You are loading 109 images, most of them not optimized.

All that said, I suspect you might be on a shared hosting server that is way oversold, has too many sites on it. Problem is, if you bring this up with your host the first thing they are going to do is blame you, for the 100+ images and the 2 megabyte page size.

So first, I suggest you slim it down as much as possible. In the link I gave above, click under every image where it says "Analyze JEPG" and WPT will give you the properly optimized version of the image in question. (It's usually the third image shown, the one with the smallest KB size) Save it to your computer, rename it to match what is on the server, then upload to overwrite. Do this for every one you see on that page that needs optimized.

This will get rid of the F and D grades you have for image compression and use of progressive JPEGS and will improve load time. Because in the process of doing this you will be trimming nearly 400kb of fat off your site without losing any content.

Look at the A grade you get here, loading just one of your images. The server responds very quickly here - because it's just over 1kb not 2 megabytes.

Show me a fat site and I will show you a slow site, every time. Not trying to be snarky or mean, I'm just giving it to you straight from a guy who has optimized dozens of sites for people. The first thing you have to do is trim the fat everywhere you can.
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