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Help me to Analyse the Performance and get to the Root cause
05-08-2014, 10:52 AM
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RE: Help me to Analyse the Performance and get to the Root cause
(05-08-2014 02:31 AM)Anton Chigurh Wrote:  CDNs cannot improve performance of a site that isn't optimized, and if you do optimize it, you don't need a CDN.

Yes they do. They deliver with a high bandwidth from a close location, thereby making use of the CDN's fatter pipe and lower latency, as well as helping ensure your own network connection doesn't get flooded by offloading the bandwidth.

(05-08-2014 02:31 AM)Anton Chigurh Wrote:  Testing from a local node isn't revealing - it really doesn't make that much difference. Plus you have no way of knowing if that actually improves the number of "hops" and you have no way of knowing if any of the relays are inherently slow.

Yes it is. You're testing your site configuration, not any inherent issues added by the vagaries of the internet.

As an example, here's my site, tested from Wellington, NZ (local) and London, UK (remote).

My 26KB image takes over a second to load, as opposed to 100ms, and the whole page 5 seconds instead of 1!

(05-08-2014 02:31 AM)Anton Chigurh Wrote:  Taking 400kb off the fat page by optimizing the images isn't a minor thing at all - it usually improves all the other problems as well. It is a basic MUST of page optimization. It's the FIRST thing anyone who wants to optimize their site, needs to do.

2 MB of data isn't going to load and render fast. Fat sites are slow sites. He needs to SLIM IT DOWN first, then see what his situation is.

Slimming the site down will help, sure. But nowhere near as much as the 5 second TTFB, and compressing the 150KB home page down to c. 15KB ( if that's not already being done ).

You need to realise that there are 2 separate parts to getting a site to perform well. The TTFB is all about server performance, where tuning and resources are paramount. You have completely ignored this... the NINE SECONDS it takes to download the html framework.

The total size of the page is another part entirely, and can be improved by reducing latency, number of files, size of files and network performance. Apart from image optimisation / resizing, a decent CDN affects and can make a huge difference to the time it takes to load.

My lowly ADSL connection down here in rural New Zealand can download at 1.5MB/s on a good day. I'm sure you can add up how long it takes for me to load this page if size is the only factor. All other things ignored, a saving of 400kB = 0.3 seconds in this scenario. On a 17s page load, it's really going to be the top of nobodies list.

(Yes, I agree there are a number of simplifications in this post, but the conclusions are valid)
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