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Site loads but says timeout?
05-16-2017, 08:19 AM
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RE: Site loads but says timeout?
Thanks Patrick and David for your responses.

Patrick - I have tried this from a non-EC2 location (Dulles), and same result ( I've also tried countless times from my own browser, and other tools such as GTMetrix and Pingdom's page speed tool, and they load just fine.

I am aware that this is being routed through Cloudflare, which has HTTP/2 enabled, allowing many concurrent downloads. In fact, on GTMetrix I can see that at one time there's 80+ concurrent downloads from the same IP address, perhaps that's tripping up WPT? Either way, I'm beginning to think this is a WPT agent-related issue, and I'll make my way over to the Github repo to see if an issue there would be better handled.

David - I appreciate the time you spend writing out your diagnosis, but I have to disagree with you on a few things. First, loading a single resource as a WPT cannot be compared to that same resource as part of a full page load, as mentioned above there's many many concurrent requests happening with this page, and loading many requests at once (which may make each request appear longer) does have benefits as a whole considering all requests.

Also, while I do agree that fine tuning things are the server level are great, Cloudflare has shown to me (in many tests verified by MachMetrics) that is does help 90% of sites on shared environments that cannot afford dedicated environments. Additionally there's a reason CDN's have been shown to help page speed, and making a statement suggesting to strip all CDNs from any website is a bold thing to say.

This is not my website, but I will pass on the other suggestions to the owner.

I have done my fair share of MySQL/MariaDB tuning, and definitely agree with you on the gains with InnoDb, mysqltuner, and having adequate memory - thank you for the reminder.
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