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Start Render calculation
04-08-2009, 10:42 PM
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RE: Start Render calculation
Do you have the url to the test results? Start Render is clocked when the document has non-zero dimensions which is the first time that something could be displayed (and usually is but sometimes not). I've been thinking about ways to harden it to guarantee that something is actually visible but most things I have thought of are too CPU-intensive and would impact the actual measurements. That said, whatever the page you are measuring is doing in javascript in the onLoad handler looks like it may be holding up the actual display of the page.

That said, by-far the best way to measure the user experience is to use the DOM Element measurement which will measure until a specific piece of content is on the DOM. That way you can look for the actual content the user cares about (top news story, first div with content, etc) and measure to when the content they care about actually shows up. The biggest reason this is more important than start render is if you have a banner ad that blocks the loading of the content it will frustrate the users and the DOM element time will correctly measure it while the start render will just measure until the layout for the ad is complete.

I have also toyed around with other options for measurement points - measuring to when the width of the document stops changing, to when both dimensions stop changing, etc to see if any of those are better indicators. I've also toyed with the idea of grabbing screen shots at the various stages (and even wrote the code) but there are storage concerns with storing that many screen shots per test (may make it an option for registered users).

Feedback on things you'd like to see added or changed would be appreciated and I'll see what I can do (the hardest part is usually trying to figure out how to present it to the user).
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