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How to solve "0 ms (Request Canceled)" problem?
05-03-2010, 04:11 AM
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RE: How to solve "0 ms (Request Canceled)" problem?
The fastest that 118KB can get delivered (theoretically) is:

50ms DNS lookup (assuming it had a long TTL and was cached at the edge)
+50ms socket connect (Assuming the server was co-located at the FIOS head-end)
+50ms for the request (assuming minimal/no cookies)
+700ms to download the 118k at 1.5Mbps (including TCP overhead)

= 850ms

There are some really big caveats that will prevent that from ever happening, but that's pretty much the floor. The most notable caveat was that I assumed your server was at the other end of the DSL connection and that you were using some form of "TCP acceleration" to bypass slow start.

Realistically, you're delivering that much content as fast as I'd expect it to be possible.

On the CSS note, yes - what you can do on the server side is inject the css if a specific cookie is not set and call it externally if the cookie is set. Then using javascript on the page, some time after the document has loaded create a 1x1 (or hidden) iFrame that references a dummy page whose purpose is to cache any external files you would like to reference. Have the dummy page set a cookie so that your server code can tell if the external files have been cached or not.

You can also use this technique to pre-cache other css or javascript files that will be needed on your other pages so they will get pre-loaded when someone hits your landing page.
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