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How to solve "0 ms (Request Canceled)" problem?
05-05-2010, 04:48 PM
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RE: How to solve "0 ms (Request Canceled)" problem?
Here we go - managed to reduce page size to 91KB. The same content, the same images, just a lot smaller size. Results (via Dulles, VA USA): I paid special attention to network packets (MTU wise), used wireshark to watch closely on how my network packets flow. As a result, all 4 images (via IMG tag) uses packet "payload" at full efficiency -- last packet is almost fully loaded (just +/- 100 bytes remains free). For example, both "virtual boxes".png files uses just 2 network packets each.

No one on entire internet does not speak on this. Googled everything, but info is just some bits there and there. So, to all who hear my words, I say this -- "Most common MTU is 1500 (or 1514), which leaves room for actual 1460 bytes. And first packet loses additional +/-380 bytes due response headers." From this point on, it is easy to create an excel sheet with necessary data... Also, based on file type, response headers will vary by, generally +/- 50 bytes.

Idea Perhaps, you can implement some stats on how many network packets each request taken? Especially for smaller files (let's say up to 10-15KB) where every unnecessary packet causes noticeable penalty. Community will appreciate that. Or this is overkill?

Ok, back to work. Work harder Smile
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