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Joomla site extremely slow
11-18-2011, 03:30 AM (This post was last modified: 11-18-2011 03:35 AM by jarrod1937.)
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RE: Joomla site extremely slow
It definitely looks like a server configuration problem to me. If your redirect from non-www to www is done via mod-rewrite rule, then it should be near instant. Looking at the http headers as they come in, there is about a 6 second wait for me to even receive a redirect header response, and then the same delay occurs when it attempts to load the www part as well. How much traffic is this site receiving (if at liberty to say) and what type of hosting is it on?

Quote:I've never heard of 'keep alive' before, didn't know there was a "database slow query log" and never before encountered "the first byte performance issues in joomla or wordpress are because of database queries " although I usually work with Wordpress not Joomla

Keep alive keeps the initial tcp connection you create to the server open. This makes it so that a request for every single asset doesn't need to recreate the connection. It's quite a good thing, but if your server has a lower cap on the number of connections than the amount of connections needed, the connections may be refused or queued. And yes, since dynamic sites are pieced together from information in databases, database and individual query performance can have a major effect on the speed of the page delivery. That is usually something you want to be conscious of when developing a site. And since plugins in such sites can add their own database queries, the more plugins you have the more queries you have (even if they pull the same data), and the higher chance you have of a query being inefficient. It's not a problem particular to Joomla, more so any dynamic site. I've seen Wordpress site's that have a hideous time to first byte as well. If you don't need to keep things so cookie cutter based you can always go through the template and plugin code and simplify, make static, and/or remove features you don't need. Though I'd only recommend that if you're an experienced programmer otherwise it's easy to make a mess of things.
(11-16-2011 08:23 AM)Stingraynut Wrote:  Someone else has managed to discover " there's a process on the server that's using up all available RAM & a lot of the CPU. This shouldn't be difficult to fix, but to do so I need full access to the server " he says "if you can request SSH access from the host the fix should be pretty quick"
At this stage I don't know how he discovered this, but sounds like he's found the problem. I also don't know why SSH access will enable a fix- I'm out of my depth on this one! I thought SSH was just a secure connection to avoid eavesdropping.

Yes, I too wonder how he found this out without access to the server via SSH. And yes, make sure you trust this individual. At the very least, it's quite easy to mess up a server config, at the very worst, they can install stuff on the server that can capture payment information.
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