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Page Speed Score to ShowSlow? - mihei - 05-25-2012 11:06 PM


I would like to graph the Page Speed Score in showslow but for me it looks like that this value isn't forwarded to the showslow beacon.

I looked also into the raw output of my private wpt instance, but also there's no Page Speed Score value ... So, not (out of the box) supported?

By the way, I'm wondering why the Score is only reported on the Summary results page if I test with IE and at least two runs. No Score printed with FF or Chrome.

I'm running wpt 2.6, Page Speed Score version is 1.12, Agents are on Win7 32Bit


RE: Page Speed Score to ShowSlow? - pmeenan - 05-26-2012 04:17 AM

Page Speed support isn't available in the Chrome/Firefox agent yet (it's on the backlog to implement).

The page speed scores are not included in the current beacon (for IE) but it would be trivial to add and it should be self-contained to beacon.inc. Let me know if you are interested in having it and I can throw it in in the next week or so.



RE: Page Speed Score to ShowSlow? - mihei - 05-28-2012 03:57 AM

... yes! :-) I would like this very much, and I think it's also of gerneral interest.
Thanks Pat! :-)
BR, Michael