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!st Test not good, can someone help - Jo-Anne - 05-23-2015 03:55 AM

Not sure what happened today, but things changes alot when logged onto my site, the results look confusing from the test, can someone explain what has happened, and how I can fix this, my site means everything to me, and is important for my work daily..

any help will be appreciated



RE: !st Test not good, can someone help - WebsiteSpeedExperts - 05-24-2015 10:22 PM

Hi Jo,

Your website isn't too bad at 3.5 seconds. There are certainly room for improvement though.

I would install a caching plugin in your WordPress site such as ZenCache (https://wordpress.org/plugins/zencache/) and then enable it on your site. This should reduce the 1 second TTFB your experiencing.

I would also enable HTTP compression on your website (it's a small tweak to one of your website files but the effect can be dramatic!).

After that, I would merge all the CSS & JS files into a single file (we could certainly help with that).

Once that's done, we would re-evaluate the next steps