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First Time Byte Isuue - rohit.ambeldkar - 06-24-2015 03:34 AM

I have developed a php (Code-igniter) Website . I have tested it with webpagetest.org and i got following results

First Byte Time-F
Keep-alive Enabled-A
Compress Transfer-A
Compress Images-C
Cache static content-A
Effective use of CDN-Yes

Url -

First Provide solution for First Byte Time-F .
Please help me to improve site performance.

Rohit Ambeldkar

RE: First Time Byte Isuue - pmeenan - 06-24-2015 11:58 PM

Looks like it's a VM on AWS so I assume you have root access to the server. You should install something like New Relic which will tell you what the slow parts of your back-end application are (the things you need to fix).

From the outside it is a black box and it could be anything from server config to the application code on the server to external services that it calls out to.