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How to interpret these test results??
09-09-2015, 08:13 AM
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RE: How to interpret these test results??
There are 2 avenues that need to be addressed.

First off, the 1 second TTFB. That's down to your infrastructure, and how well it's working. Reconfiguration of the constituent parts - Mysql, PHP, web server - and efficient use of caching at all levels will help to reduce that ( well, until the time where only more processing power is the only way forward ).

The second part is the files that your html want to download. Improving performance here is down to:
- reducing the number of files
- reducing the size of the payload
- adding expiry headers to the files

There is a latency overhead involved with downloading a file which is just lost time to the site. Reducing the number of files reduces that wasted time.

Less volume to download, the faster it it. Stands to reason, your pipe is only so big.

An expiry header associated with a file allows it to be stored in the client's browser for a set period of time, so that it doesn't need downloading next time. No difference for the first visit to a site, but a huge improvement afterwards.

Obviously you only have control over the files that *you* are delivering, so for those coming from all those other source, you're at the mercy of their Admins. In addition, if you're out in the 'wops like we are, delivering from mainland USA is not necessarily a good idea.

This is a start... there are loads of other things you can do on top of this ( WP level caching, CDNs, SPDY/HTTP2 when it becomes available, lazy loading of images for example ), but get your site as efficient as possible before you go down that route...
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