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Webshop: TTFB and Compression issues
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Webshop: TTFB and Compression issues
09-21-2015, 06:30 PM
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Webshop: TTFB and Compression issues
Hello, i'm looking for an issue slowing down my site speed.
Im spending around 300€ for my managed server host and optimized a lot on the content side, but still get bad results.


Im looking for two particular issues:

1. Time to first byte: F, 1169ms incl. download
This time is unacceptable high. >500ms would be the target.
If i run the test targeting a "Hello World" php-script, im getting a TTFB of 247 ms (including a redirect), which gives me a solid B.
So, is this only the heavy shopsoftware producing that latency, or is there anything else that could be done? No idea how to fix.

2. Compress Transfer: D, 75/100
I've got an issue with the gzip/deflate compression, which i enable via .htaccess.

I'm redirecting all requests to domain.tld to http://www.domain.tld to avoid dublicate content and domain unity.

So i can see in the headers that the webserver compresses the first awnser for the redirect, but the html of http://www.domain.tld is always chunked and not compressed. Everything else works: The server is compressing .js or .css just as intended, but there are a few documents/files where compression always fails.
I do not understand why the server is doing this. How do i look deeper into that issue?

If you see any other issues that could speed up my site, let me know Smile
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