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Please help, what is wrong with my page?
05-21-2015, 04:21 AM
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Lightbulb RE: Please help, what is wrong with my page?
Exclamation I got a lot of stuff to say. Go down to the bottom of this post to get a summary Smile

I had a look at the details, and it seems your main problem is the image ( and favicon(

I usually go through these optimization points with my site:
1. Do I need all this, or can I remove some of it?
2. Can I set up scripts etc. to be in the actual html (i.e. typing the script in <script> tags on the page instead of using <script src="//"></script>)?
Then for images and videos:
3a. Can I use an optimization service to make images/videos take less time to load (I use for images and for videos. If you can, try cropping images and using services like to make them smaller)?
...and for scripts and css:
3b. Can I minify them (get in touch if you need help)?
...and for HTML:
3c. Are them some unnecessary tags?
...and for all programming languages:
3d. Am I using deprecated functions/commands (they're likely to be deprecated because they've been replaced with faster stuff)?

Also I noticed the favicon takes 9s because it could not find it! Make sure you have a favicon in the public_html root otherwise you're in for a slow load.

Summary (TLDR): Your main problem is images and inexistent files, namely the favicon. For images, ask yourself the question: Can I use an optimization service e.g. to make images take less time to load? For the favicon, make sure that you actually have one to stop slow load times.

Hope I helped,

ICTman1076 Smile

P.S. You may want an analytics service (I recommend Mixpanel) to see where your users are disappearing.
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