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All A ratings but loadtime is 3-4 seconds
09-26-2015, 06:53 AM
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RE: All A ratings but loadtime is 3-4 seconds
Hi grupo!
Thanks for your answer.

As I stated in my entry post, I was testing via gtmetrix constantly while trying to optimize my site.
Lots of js is kind of.. "normal" for a wordpress website relying on jquery... using a slider.. some plugins like jetpack and Yoast SEO etc.
Those plugins add elements to the dom, like those extra title tags, that your html investigation tool spit out f.e.

What do you mean by "tons of fonts"? I am using 1 single font on my site, which is "Lato" and I am only serving 3 font weights: 400, 700 and 900 and not even any italic versions or anything, and I even serve it via my own nginx... to save extra http requests that would happen if I served them via google's font servers.. especially because nginx is great at serving static files.

The renderblocking script that is inside of the combined js files, which you see in that pagespeed report, is jquery core script.
Can't defer it, because it is called relatively early in the dom. I am not the only one having this problem Sad
Ad I have no idea to solve it, to be honest.. which is why ... I was asking in this forum. Hoping some of the smart people around here had an idea or a tipp.

About your html advice: thanks for that Smile
I will look into the html and see if I can fix the theme developer's mistakes... I already sent them a message about two months ago whe I found lots of css mistakes and other php related code mistakes. They fixed most of it in their latest update using the fixes I sent them.
But obviously I need to check that theme a bit more. had set this aside, because all was working fine.. and I didnt check it any further.

Google pagespeed insights is also bookmarked over here, my friend Wink As you said.. basic Big Grin
I just implemented ngx_pagespeed module using those nice pagespeed filters for image optimization and such. I wonder why I am getting n/a response though at that webpagetest.

Well, the thing is, I am really frustrated because I can't get the entire thing to load in 1 second. This should be possible without a doubt.
Today I managed to get a 1.2 secs loadtime from gtmetrix. But that was london based testserver... not the canadian standard one.

Will try with finxing html errors for now and let you know if it helps anything
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