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Mobile Agent Setup in MAC - relayServer
02-11-2016, 06:04 AM
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RE: Mobile Agent Setup in MAC - relayServer
(02-11-2016 02:04 AM)pmeenan Wrote:  The locations will generally be hidden until a test agent connects. You can check http://localhost/?hidden=1 to show all the hidden and visible locations to see if it is better.

As soon as a local agent connects and starts polling for work it should be made visible.

Thanks pmeenan...Thank You very much.....Now I am able to see the locations and able to run the tests. But the browser is not invoked in Android chrome browser.Mobile is rooted and all necessary setups are done. I am getting "Test completed but there were no successful results". I am seeing some errors in console.

Please help me to resolve this issue. I am using MAC Version 10.10.5 and node version

I Feb_10_13:40:48.697 agent_main.js:261 Agent.app_.schedule.addErrback.job.agentError : Starting run 1a/1 of job 160210_YV_2
D Feb_10_13:40:48.722 process_utils.js:487 unknown : Calling Make dirs
D Feb_10_13:40:48.723 process_utils.js:481 cb : Callback for Make dirs
D Feb_10_13:40:48.735 process_utils.js:487 unknown : Calling Tmp read
D Feb_10_13:40:48.736 process_utils.js:481 cb : Callback for Tmp read
D Feb_10_13:40:48.789 process_utils.js:263 unknown : Exec with timeout(10000): wpr status
E Feb_10_13:40:48.792 process_utils.js:343 ChildProcess.<anonymous> : wpr status failed with exception: spawn ENOENT
W Feb_10_13:40:48.796 web_page_replay.js:127 WebPageReplay.<anonymous> : wpr status command failed: Error: wpr status failed, code -1

D Feb_10_13:40:50.887 process_utils.js:327 ChildProcess.<anonymous> : stdout[15] Unknown id: x
E Feb_10_13:40:50.906 wd_server.js:197 WebDriverServer.<anonymous> : Exception from "Run test": Error: Unexpected 'su' output: Unknown id: x
I Feb_10_13:40:50.916 wd_server.js:1170 WebDriverServer.<anonymous> : Test passed
A Feb_10_13:40:55.887 wpt_client.js:554 Client.<anonymous> : Failed run 1a/1 of job 160210_YV_2: (Unexpected 'su' output: Unknown id: x
I Feb_10_13:40:55.900 agent_main.js:261 Agent.app_.schedule.addErrback.job.agentError : Retrying run 1a/1 of job 160210_YV_2
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